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  • I’m of the opinion that it will require human interaction to fix this. It can’t be purely solved via algorithms.

    What people don’t realize is that the original Google search algorithm, PageRank, effectively looks at how real humans interacted with the websites they were indexing. Only websites referenced by other websites were being considered by Google’s search engine. And at the time, that meant real human beings were making those links. This gave them a real advantage over other, purely algorithmic search engines.

    Something like this will have to be recreated. We will have to figure out a way of prioritizing search results that real human beings have found to be useful.

  • Tesla is nothing more than an elaborate stock pumping exercise built on a business of selling crappy cars to techbros. It’s valuation is propped up by lies, hype and virtual signaling. It also can’t survive without copious amounts of government subsidies and low interest loans, since the car business is so capital intensive. At some point, all of these problems will come to a head. It’s a matter of when, not if, that Tesla collapses in some form. Though it may be bought out before formally filing for bankruptcy.